About the Game

In the game, you navigate the mouse around a set of mazes of rapidly increasing difficulty which appear to have no end. You receive no sympathy from the scientist, who barely acknowledges that you are any more important than a glass beaker. After all, if you break, he can always get a new one.

In June 2018, Mouse Trapped was nominated for the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition, along with nine other applicants in the same category. Read more about the competition at the YGD website.

Mouse Trapped was written in Phaser, an HTML 5 game framework using javascript. Find out more at the project’s GitHub page.

Supporting Video

As part of the YGD application, we had to produce a short video promoting the game. Here's the video we used. It features short clips from all our favourite levels, as well as a small insight into the story behind Mouse Trapped. Like the game itself, it includes original music and an excellent portrayal of the scientist by Paul Howlett.

About Us

We are a team of two. One of us imagines the story and designs artwork and graphics, while the other codes the game and designs most of the levels. The voice of the scientist is portrayed by Paul Howlett. If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism that you would like to share, please follow the link below.