I’ve finally surpassed my expectations and created a product and a brand that have led to the development of a multimillion-dollar company. What thanks do I get? All my employees abandon me. […] So much for the workplace family etiquette and what have you. Maybe I can find a replacement. If humans won't appreciate what I've done for them, then maybe something else will.


  • Story and writing by Michael Bell
  • Code and music by Joe Anderson
  • Level design by Miles Kneeshaw
  • Vending machine menu theme, sound design, song mixing and voice recording by Luke Crossley
  • Voice acting by Benjamin Rea, Emma Burgess and Michael Bell
  • Character sprites by Benjamin Rea
  • "Shall we begin?" composed by Thomas Lemon
  • Supporting video by Ian Turner

Supporting video

Source code

Pop Pixie is written in Unity 2018.3.7. The source code is available on the project's GitHub page.